From Far Away

by My Bitter End



2nd track on the upcoming EP 'nostalgic sentiments'
featuring guest vocals by john robert c of torment the dreamer



life unstable, left disabled because
no cure available to common man
the worst is yet to come
the fiber in our lungs has slowed our breathing down
we cannot afford this new age help,
won't come, even though they see us fading out
eating away at everything
and what it is will always be
no hope provided
so sit and watch us rot
we are
no longer used to you
no longer used to you
no hope provided for the middle class work horse
so watch us rot till we are no longer of use to you
blackened, blatantly raped of your soul i
i am invisible
wide eyed
i have been just so lost
we are not
beckoned by the cost

different decisions make seperate existence
recycled souls in this infinite

no matter where we are we can't escape the past
mourning reserved for the swarm as they come back
a life unstable , no cure for common man
I've witnessed pedestals crumble
and I've seen tyrants rise
you wear anxiety well inside a living hell
I've seen tyrants rise.
I've witnessed tyrants rise

so remind us it wasn't this way
here as a servant were only their slaves
i remember a time i thought for myself
prospering health , i was my own
those days are gone so is the will ,to fix situations along with the thrill
regretting all
incapable of fixing our surroundings
replenishment is not something we are capable of
so we will accept defeat
so we will accept defeat
and rot
and rot


released March 19, 2013



all rights reserved


My Bitter End Middletown, New York

started in 2002..MBE has 2 releases and 1 upcoming release. the band took a hiatus in 2008 but returned in 2011…after some changes in the lineup the band is stronger than ever and writing new music.
they feature current and ex members of through the eyes of the dead and dr. acula.
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